Job Title: The Gait Operations Manager

Department: Students’ Representative Council

Expected Hours: Approximately 20 hours per week

Term of Employment: August 2024-April, 30 2025 with some training in April 2024

Salary: Minimum of $250 weekly, with the possibility of performance-based pay and adjustment per nights open.

Job Summary: The Gait Operations Manager (GOM) is a hired member of the Bishop’s

University Students’ Representative Council (BUSRC). They are responsible for the proper working order of the Gait as well as managing a large staff, with assistance from the Gait Entertainment & Events Manager and the Manager of Operations and Services. The GOM reports directly to the Manager of Operations and Services.


  • Must be a current student at Bishop’s University, enrolled for the 2024-2025 academic term.
  • Must be present at Bishop’s University from August 28th, 2024 – April 30th, 2025.
  • Must not be employed by one of the Gait’s suppliers or any other business partner for the duration of the employment term
  • Must be in good academic standing and have security clearance from the University
  • Must be willing to put their Gait SRC responsibilities as their highest non-academic priority
  • Must have access to a vehicle

Nature of Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Creates and implements sales strategies in The Gait to maximize sales of high-margin products and increase overall sales volume.
  • Strives to reduce operating costs of the bar.
  • Manages inventory and supplies to ensure that the bar is well prepared for operating hours; receives orders.
  • Assists with the coordination of events programming at The Gait; and ensures that needs of each event are met, with the assistance of the Gait Entertainment & Events Manager, and the Manager of Operations and Services.
  • Responsible for the creation of timely staff schedules.
  • Responsible for supervising staff during operating hours.
  • Works a minimum of two bar shifts per week.
  • Works with the Manager of Operations and Services to create and implement training programs for bar staff.
  • Ensures bar equipment remains in proper order, by replacing and/or upgrading equipment as needed.
  • Monitors the cleanliness of the Gait and distribution of alcohol, to ensure that The Gait maintains the standards of the liquor license provided by the Régie des Alcools and the standards of the Bishop’s University Alcohol Policy.
  • Assists in the planning, design and execution of all marketing activities and materials of The Gait.
  • Assists the Manager of Operations and Services, as needed, with negotiations and discussions that occur with various stakeholders of The Gait.
  • Member of the University’s Alcohol Concerns Committee.
  • Attends weekly Gait management meetings.
  • Assists external groups with the planning and execution of their events at The Gait.
  • Assists the General Manager of Operations with the hiring of new staff.
  • Assists the BUSRC, from time to time, with the management of social events involving liquor.
  • Assists with planning bar operations at Winterfest.


  • Minimum one-year bar and/or restaurant experience.
  • Experience managing people.
  • Experience in event management and/or coordination is an asset.
  • Involvement in various extracurricular activities at Bishop’s is an asset.
  • Sales experience is an asset.
  • Experience training or teaching in a professional setting is an asset.


  • Knowledge of restaurant, club, and bar atmospheres.
  • Knowledge of alcoholic beverages and drink recipes is an asset.
  • Knowledge of sound equipment is an asset.

Skills Required

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Team Player
  • Good math skills.
  • English language – Verbal and written.
  • French language – Some communication skills are required.
  • Must have or be willing to obtain Service in Action or equivalent certification

The selected candidate will be trained to bartend, will learn the basic of how to use and set up DJ equipment, and will receive management training.

The SRC is strongly committed to equitable hiring practices; all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.
To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and two references (to be contacted upon interview), by email to SRCMOS@ubishops.ca
Please add your name AND job position in the Subject of your application. Only Microsoft Word or PDF files will be accepted.

We thank you in advance for your interest in the SRC. Only the most qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.