The Odyssey Language Assistant Program (established in 1973, to promote Canada’s two official languages and the cultures they convey) is a paid, professional work experience that involves travelling to Quebec or New Brunswick to work with students for nine months.

Earn over $20 an hour while gaining valuable work experience in a classroom setting. Working under teacher supervision, you will plan and lead activities on a daily basis to motivate students to learn more about the target language.  You will share your culture and the unique linguistic features of your home region through art, music, stories, local expressions, and humour.

Your work will consist mostly of:

  • preparing and executing activities that focus on language (aural comprehension and oral expression).
  • developing activities that reflect everyday communication opportunities in order to help students improve their English-language skills in real-life situations.
  • drawing from your own interests and those of the students, this is an opportunity to use your talents and passions to help someone build skills in English, and to have fun doing it.
  • examples include starting a debate, playing a trivia game, putting on a play, and teaching a dance or a new sport; and the language assistant does not replace the teacher. The tasks of a language assistant may include the following:
  • encouraging students to participate in oral communication activities.
  • preparing classroom activities that focus on learning about language and culture.
  • leading small groups of two to 10 students.
  • motivating students to improve their English.
  • encouraging students to appreciate and explore your culture and their own in a respectful and creative way through language.
  • participating in evening and weekend cultural activities.
  • meeting with school staff upon request.

Let your Odyssey begin!

To apply for this job email your details to explore@mes.gouv.qc.ca.