Our team will be developing an online adaptation of the BU trauma awareness workshop that was launched last fall. The new online version will be entitled “Trauma Awareness: Building Connections and Resilience Together” This work is meant to promote knowledge of the consequences of adversity and destigmatize the many ways that trauma affects us.

Notre équipe est en développement d’une adaptation en ligne de la formation sensible aux traumas donnés à BU l’automne dernier. La nouvelle formation sera intitulée: “Sensibilité aux traumas: construire ensemble la connexion et la résilience”. Ce travail vise à promouvoir les connaissances autour de l’adversité et ses conséquences, pour déstigmatiser les multiples façons que le trauma nous affecte tous.

Link to Wade describing the project / job :

Skills and requirements:

Good diction and authority

Capacity to set and express healthy boundaries

Strong communication skills

Scriptwriting experience (an asset)

Editing skills (an asset)

Bilingualism (an asset)

BU student (priority given to students with a background in drama)

Interest in trauma awareness work

Tasks: The actor/facilitator will attend team meetings having familiarized themselves with the assigned materials. They will collaborate with the trauma awareness team to ensure actor-friendly language throughout the script. The actor/facilitator will record the French and English online adaptation of the BU trauma awareness workshop. They will assist in the editing of the content.

Flat rate of $500 (less applicable taxes) for a maximum of 20 hours of work from February 21st until May 1st.

Blind casting (everyone welcome)

Please send your short video audition clip in Mp4 format or link to Amy Abe at aabe@ubishops.ca by midnight February 22nd. In-person call-backs the week of February 26th.

Students must read the above-mentioned project description in both in French and English in their audition clip.

To apply for this job email your details to aabe@ubishops.ca.